About Us

Gig Harbor, WA based Carys LLC was founded in 2008 by Carys Bice and her husband, Justin.

The story behind tinytongs…

With three children under the age of five, I was looking for a way to make meal time less stressful, less messy and more enjoyable for our children. After watching more food land on the floor than in my children’s mouths, I knew there had to be a better way for them to eat.

We needed something to fill the gap between finger feeding and successfully eating with traditional utensils. I had seen my small children using tongs in their preschool to help develop their coordination for writing and thought it would be a great way to eat as well. My search for suitable tongs for children to eat with came up empty.

So...we began a year long journey to bring tinytongs to the dining table. I trust that tinytongs will bring as much enjoyment to your family meals as it has mine!

Bon Appetite,


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